Transform the Garden with Woodwork

It’s no wonder why old houses have messy gardens. Most people don’t invest in their outdoor environment. So as houses get older, their gardens get worse. They might not look like jungles, but definitely lack the personal touch that will make them inviting. Old wooden benches are chipped, interlocking pavers are broken, and there is no sitting area to come out and enjoy the fresh air. And if the conditions in the garden do not allow you to spend time outdoors, you turn your back to the yard once and for all. It’s not hard to transform the garden of old houses.

It definitely requires a lot of hard work and the help of professionals, but don’t underestimate the potentials. Homes dating back to the early 1900s have some elegance missing in today’s residences. Take advantage of it!

Use the old house style to find the best woodwork ideas

Whether you are a fan of modern looks or traditional style, you can marry them together for splendid results. This blend of old and new is the best combination since it never goes out of fashion and brings the most unique results. One thing you can do is use the traditional character of an old house and mix it with modern ideas. And woodwork is the best choice. It’s simple. Wood has always been the number one choice for many building projects. And it’s not a coincidence that it is still the most popular material today. What’s different is that you can use wood to build modern corners or traditional pergolas but by using fresh designs.

Plan your woodwork project well

All good woodwork projects begin with thorough planning. Taking measurements down to the last detail is essential, especially if you have limited space in the garden. You don’t want to end up with an oversized gazebo taking all the space you’ve got in the yard. What’s nice about old houses is that they usually have spacious gardens, where you can install interlocking pavers to create pathways leading to your secret corner. That will be a gazebo! It can be build out of sight if you want it private or to enjoy friends in a totally different environment.

For your morning coffee or quick lunch, use the back yard space to build a deck and perhaps a pergola above it to avoid the sun and be protected by the wind. One common characteristic among old houses is their front patio. Whether you sit in this part of the house or not, it’s the first thing anyone sees and the place where you welcome all visitors. To make it inviting and warm, install deck. You can’t go wrong with this option.

One of your first priorities will also be to replace the fence. Invest in custom wooden fences. Just like any other woodwork designed for outdoors, the fence must be made of resistant lumber and properly stained.

Some old tricks for old home garden transformations

Whether you inherited this old house from your grandfathers or bought it, use some of its elements to make the transition from indoors to outdoors smooth. Woodwork helps you do that because the material is classic in itself, but can be used in several modern projects. Now if there is still old stuff in the old house, think if you can use them as decorative add-ons before you toss them away. An old wooden chair, for example, could be weathered paint finished unless it already has the aged patina looks to be used as a flower pot. An old wooden frame could find its place at your patio to add character to this once old house recently transformed without losing its elegance.