Key Considerations When You Plan to Build Pergolas

Woodwork pergulaAdding pergolas outdoors is one of the smartest home improvements. Although these constructions won’t protect you from the weather, they add elegance in the garden and create a cozy seating space. Planning such projects is not hard as long as you can measure the space in your landscape and let your imagination travel. As far as pergola ideas, there are tens of them. But when it comes to pergolas building, you need to know that the construction is strong and installed right so that it won’t sag.


What’s a pergola?

Pergolas are garden wood constructions featuring pillars on the side which support cross beams on the roof. Apart from the beams, they don’t have a roof. Wooden pergolas can be open completely on some sides and just have vertical posts on the four edges. They can be attached on decks or stand alone and their wood beams on the semi-open roof can serve as the place to hang plants or let vines grow. Traditionally, they are large and open structures without benches or other seating accommodations. But today, you can design pergolas to host family gatherings, mask storage areas, create shade, or provide privacy.

What to consider when planning pergolas building

  • Consider if you have the required DIY skills or need to hire a professional pergolas builder. This depends on whether you own and know how to use power tools and can easily follow instructions to build a solid construction.

It’s often necessary to hire a pergolas contractor for such jobs. When youwoodwork-contractor dig to place the posts, you might bump in electrical (or other) lines. Then you need to know how deep to dig in order to be certain the posts are stable. Building a pergola is not easy. It requires precision when it comes to distances between the posts and beams, having experience with how to mix and pour concrete in the foundations, installing the rafters, staining wood to last and much more.

  • Make sure you plan this project in every detail. Choose the right location in the garden in relation to neighbors and space available.
  • Think if you want to combine pergolas and deck construction. If so, the posts of the pergola must be properly attached to the beams of the deck. You need to ensure that the whole structure will be solid and won’t be blown away during fierce weather.
  • If you are going to attach the pergola to your house, check if you need some permits for that.
  • Take your time when designing pergolas. Think of how you are going to use these outdoor structures to decide if you want some lattice panels on one side, thick or slim beams, a simple or complex construction etc.
  • Don’t forget about your budget. It’s not cheap to set up pergolas. Just buying the materials needed will cost you a considerable amount of money. Although hiring a pro will cost you more, give it another thought. Pergola builders will make sure the construction is durable, the posts solid, and the structure legit. And they will have the project ready much faster than if you would engage yourself.