How to Choose the Best Deck for Your Home

Everything is important when it comes to outdoor decking. From its initial price tag and the maintenance cost to its aesthetics and safety, every little thing matters. After all, installing a deck is a big project. And you don’t want the deck to last only for one year or start having safety concerns in a few months’ time.

So, you must be careful with everything you choose. From the deck builder to the deck material, every little choice you make today will affect your life tomorrow.

Main considerations for custom decks

pool decksDeck prices vary based on structure, design, size and materials used for the deck construction. The reason why most people are mostly concerned about materials is that they will affect the cost of future maintenance and thus the overall longevity of the deck. When you start such projects, you are prepared to agree on a certain price for the deck building and installation.

What nobody is prepared for is to deal with problems any time soon after the installation of a new custom deck. Although all such outdoor woodwork projects require some maintenance, nobody wants to start paying large amounts of money soon.

That’s why everyone focuses on materials. There is wood and composite decking. Wood-style decking is the traditional type. And that’s why they are the most popular. The question is which one to get? And if you choose wood, which species?

What you should know about composite decks

When it comes to composite deck options, people often prefer it for itscomposite-decking long-lasting effects. Since this material is actually made of plastic and wood fibers, they cost less in the long run due to the minimum maintenance it requires. But its initial price is rather high. It heats up easily and so it’s hard to walk barefoot on a hot day. And you must make sure it meets the safety standards based on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Which wood deck options you have

  • Ipe custom decks are very popular among those who like strong species and warm, dark colors. It’s an excellent choice due to its great resistance to rot, wear, splintering, moisture and fire. But be ready to pay more. Ipe outdoor decking costs more than other wood choices but it will last for a very long time.
  • Cedar outdoor decking is another popular choice. Although it costs much less, it can last for many years too. But it will require good maintenance. It’s a very beautiful wood option and resistant to rot and bugs.
  • Pressure treated deck options are also excellent choices. Such decks can be stained numerous colors and can last for many years. They require maintenance and careful installation since their main characteristic is that they are treated with special chemicals.

Things to consider before deck installation

If you find it hard to choose among deck options, consider your environment. It’s often best to invest in composite deck building for the pool area. But if you care more about the best aesthetic results, nothing compares with natural wood. It will just need more maintenance. In order to be safe, choose a matching wood or composite deck railing system, especially if the deck is rather high or you have kids in the house